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Kiriban at 35,000! :D Catch it and you get a free pencil drawing request! 

4 deviants said Ah, cool. Maybe I'll keep an eye out. :)
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United States
Name: Courtnie, aka KeeperOfCoffins
Age: 23
Likes: drawing, writing, roleplaying, cosplaying, hanging out w/ friends, listening to music, playing video games, creating Starbucks drinks at home & growing out my hair healthily!
Dislikes: drama, criticism, & overall unpleasant things.

Hello there! :) I'm KeeperOfCoffins.

I am currently 23 years old & married to an awkward sweetheart. :heart: I love to draw anime, roleplay, cosplay, play video games, write my stories, drink either pop or coffee constantly, eat, and hang out with people I love.~:heart:

I hate work, alcohol, drugs, the stupid drama people love to come up with, criticism, senseless violence, and overall unpleasant things in this world.

I am also in the process of growing my hair out nice & long again! (I cut it short in 2013 due to boredom. TT^TT Now I'm doing healthy stuff for it and trying to grow it longer and stronger than ever! :dummy:)

Oh, and my favorite number is 115. ;)

People I know IRL: :iconopal-heart126: :iconjeffguy920: :icontrxpert: :iconhoorayitssam0322: :iconafreshnewstart:

Artists/friends I admire: :icontomefantasy: :iconpunisher2006: :iconafreshnewstart: :iconopal-heart126: :iconsailorenergy: :iconredaces93: :iconthesilvermasque: :iconjyuudai: :iconnickeh96: :icongamemaster999: :iconskullstar15: :iconbobomagroto: :iconhydrogenfoxide:

Current Residence: Mostly likely inside of Tenebrae Cathedral, on the planet Via. And if not there, then within Hell's palace with Lucifer in Opal-Heart126's realm.
Favorite genre of music: Metal
Favorite style of art: Anime/manga.
Favorite cartoon character: Too many to name...
Personal Quote: "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable."

No Requests by SweetDukeTrades - Closed by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDukeKiribans - Closed by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeNo ACEOs by SweetDukeNo Point Commissions by SweetDukeNo Collaborations by SweetDuke
Hey, guys. Just thought I'd update everyone.

I've been sick these past couple of weeks, hence the lack of artwork and such as of late. I'm getting better now, but it's taking time. Please understand that I may not post any artwork for a few days or so, and I'll reply to RPs when I'm feeling up to it. (Also, please don't send any repeat notes or ask if I got your notes. I've gotten them all, I just haven't been well. Be patient.)

Apparently I got a bad stomach virus that had me practically living in the bathroom these past couple of weeks. :dead: My ass is getting to know my toilet pretty well. Lovely.~ So I'm sure you all can understand why I haven't exactly been very active for a while....

My commissions are still open, though, and I can get started on them once I'm well. :nod: Drop a comment if you're interested. ^^ Other than that, I'll be resting up as much as possible.

This is a good chance for me to practice with my new markers and make some money along the way! I am trying to save up for a house and all.... :iconhappytearsplz:

First off, a few rules apply.

1.) Please, only ONE commission per person at a time. If you would like more than one, then you will have to request them one at a time. A pain in the ass, yeah, perhaps so...but it's easier on me. ^^;

2.) I will NOT haggle prices with anyone. PERIOD. If you think I'm charging too much, go find a cheaper artist. I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, but that's that.

3.) PLEASE pay attention to the lists of what I WILL and WILL NOT draw.

4.) I will only be opening up 3 slots at a time. It's easier for me to focus on things that way. First come, first serve! If the slots are full, DO NOT ASK for me to open an extra one just for you. Once a slot opens up, then you may feel free to ask for one.

5.) Please pay me FIRST, then I will start your commission. :nod:

6.) Only up to 3 characters per commission (an extra $5 per chara). If you want a commission with 4-8 characters, then it counts as a collage and will cost as listed below.

Skull and Crossbones COMMISSIONS Skull and Crossbones

***Every additional character (not including collages) will be $5.

:blackrose: 8 CHARACTER LIMIT for group collages!!! :blackrose:

Star! Pencil sketch/drawing = $10

Examples: Ren +Vanguard+ :ArtTrade by KeeperOfCoffins , Rayne's Hair by KeeperOfCoffins

Star! Lineart = $15

Examples: ContestPrize 2nd Place: Cellest by KeeperOfCoffins , Collab Lineart: The Obvious Difference by KeeperOfCoffins

Star! Colored drawing = $20

Examples: Our Romance: ArtTrade by KeeperOfCoffins , Victorian Ladies: ArtTrade by KeeperOfCoffins

Star!Star! Specialty: Colored group collage Star!Star! = $40 (costs more due to the extra work/effort put into it :P (Lick))

Examples: Commission: Undersea Cafe by KeeperOfCoffins , Commission: Our Powers Combined by KeeperOfCoffins , Commission: Hell + Via by KeeperOfCoffins (NOTE: some of these examples are shown in colored pencil, but will be done in copic markers, just like other examples provided above!)

Now, here is a list of what I WILL draw:

Bullet; Blue Original characters, your own and others. (Given permission, of course.)

Bullet; Blue Fan art(although I really don't like to as much as original stuff...).

Bullet; Blue Yaoi and/or yuri.

Bullet; Blue Humans, mermaids, demons, angels, and the like. Ask me if you are not sure about a creature type.

Here is a list of what I will NOT draw:

Bullet; Black Hentai/sexual/nudity (unless I am comfortable with something similar...ask me if you're unsure.).

Bullet; Black Pretty much anything I am uncomfortable or totally unfamiliar with.

My PayPal address is

~~Commission Slots~~

1.) :iconcaptainface: = $25 lineart commission of my Amaranth triplets as mermaids working in an undersea cafe.

2.) Open!

3.) Open!
  • Mood: Shitty
  • Listening to: Nightfall by Xandria
  • Reading: .....this.
  • Eating: Nothing, now.
  • Drinking: Nothing, yet...

Feature: Opal-Heart126

I'd like to feature my best friend IRL who has an AWESOME gallery here on dA that does not get anywhere NEAR the love it deserves. :D Go check out her page here!! :la: --> :iconopal-heart126:

My current favorite piece out of all her work:

Anger and Obsession by Opal-Heart126



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